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Geddy Lee and Bass Player Readers Choice Awards

Alex and Guitar Player 2008 Readers Choice Awards

Guitar Player 2008 Readers Choice Awards

Alex Lifeson wins for Best Article in 2007: Different Strings

Best Rock Guitarist: Alex Lifeson

Snakes & Arrows wins 2007’s Most Ferociously Brilliant Guitar Album

Way to go!

Second Leg of Snakes and Arrows Tour Underway

Rush launched the second leg of the Snakes and Arrows tour in Puerto Rico last Friday, April 11. Setlist is similar, but not exactly the same. No big surprises, though.

Billboard interview with Alex

There's a new interview with Alex over at Billboard.com. He talks about the live album/dvd and the upcoming tour.

Lots of tidbits:

DVD in later summer/early fall. Shot in HD.

"We thought we should maybe revisit some older songs we're not playing currently or haven't been in the last little while. So we changed out a few songs in the set. We're gonna keep it loose and maybe kind of bounce back and forth."

New album news?

"I'm guessing that we're probably going to take a little bit of the break at the end of this tour," says Lifeson, who's been updating his Web site with a number of new features he hopes to roll out soon. "I don't see us really doing much in the way of any new material probably until the spring of next year, and then we'll see where we go."

Alex Lifeson Hughes & Kettner Amp Giveaway

A 12-year -old Rush fan and guitarist named Zack Tabori comes up to the Hughes & Kettner booth at the NAMM show last month and asks to play the Alex Lifeson Signature TriAmp. They let him go ahead and do so and are impressed by his playing and offer to take his conact info so that Big Al can hook him up with some swag and tickets. Alex decided to give the kid one of his amps as well.

You can see a video of the whole story here
. Well worth watching, the kid is blown away.

Rush & Foos

Clearing out a backlog here....

Alex & Geddy showed up on stage during the drum solo at a Foo FIghters show in Toronto last month.

Rushisaband.com has more, including YouTube clips


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