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Backstage Club Meet and Greet

The Rush Backstage Club is holding a Meet & Greet sweepstakes. Click here to enter. Contest ends at midnight, March 22, so sign up now.

Rush on Rockline

According to, Rush will be on Rockline on Wednesday, April 30 at 11:30 pm EST. I imagine it'll be Geddy and Alex and not Neil. Check Rockline's site to find a station near you.

Buddy Rich Memorial Concert

According to the Buddy Rich Drum Company's MySpace page, Neil's confirmed to play at the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert in October 2008.

Neil updates

Neil's posted a summary of what he's been up to in the last couple of months (time in Quebec, preparing for the next leg of the tour, reviewing live album stuff) and shares some photos and mentions taking up the marimba again.

Workin' Them Angels Live

The first single off of the new Snakes & Arrows Live CD will be Workin' Them Angels. It is currently available at the iTunes store, if you're into that sort of thing. It can also be found online in mp3 format if you poke around long enough in the right places.


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