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Own Neil Peart's Drum Kit

OK, not one of the recent ones that you could buy at Guitar Center a couple of years ago. His original Slingerland kit, used from Fly By Night to 2112, is now up for auction on Ebay. Shells, only, no stands or snare. Auction ends August 9, 2009.

New Drum Article from Neil

Over at Drum Workshop's site, there's an article (first in a series) about Neil's new drums. This one focuses on his new 23" bass drum.

"Everybody knows there is no such thing as a 23-inch bass drum."

Alex's Guitar Rig

Nice video from Guitarist magazine detailing Alex's guitar rig and some of his guitars from the Snakes and Arrows tour:

Big Neil Peart Update

Neil's posted a huge update at his site: The Count of Words

Some tidbits:
The essay for Sankes and Arrows is too big for the booklet, so it'll end up online--3300 words or so.

He's working on a Modern Drummer article and another article will be published in an upcoming issue of Motorcyclist.

Oh, and he's having a new drum set made: "As for the finish and hardware, that’s going to be a surprise. I’ll only say, “Black is the new gold,” and “Red is the new black.”"

Worth a read, as usual.

Paragon Cymbals

Been spending your hard-earned dollars on creating your own copy of Neil's current kit? Why not pick up a whole set of Sabian Paragon cymbals, the ones that Neil help develop? A whole set can be yours for just $2112!

Set contains the following:

  • 2 - 16" crashes

  • 18" and 20" crashes

  • One 8" and 2 - 10" splashes

  • 22" ride

  • 19" and 20" Chinas

  • 13" and 14" hi-hats

  • ATA-style flight case

  • Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVD

  • Rush R-30 world tour concert DVD (signed by Neil Peart)

  • Letter of authenticity


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