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Own Neil Peart's Drum Kit

OK, not one of the recent ones that you could buy at Guitar Center a couple of years ago. His original Slingerland kit, used from Fly By Night to 2112, is now up for auction on Ebay. Shells, only, no stands or snare. Auction ends August 9, 2009.

Alex Lifeson Hughes & Kettner Amp Giveaway

A 12-year -old Rush fan and guitarist named Zack Tabori comes up to the Hughes & Kettner booth at the NAMM show last month and asks to play the Alex Lifeson Signature TriAmp. They let him go ahead and do so and are impressed by his playing and offer to take his conact info so that Big Al can hook him up with some swag and tickets. Alex decided to give the kid one of his amps as well.

You can see a video of the whole story here
. Well worth watching, the kid is blown away.

Pre-Order Your Gibson Alex Lifeson ES-355 Guitar

The Gibson Alex Lifeson ES-355 Guitar is available for pre-order at Musicians Friend right now. Only $3699.

The guitar has a maple body, 3-piece maple neck, '57 Classic pickups with individual volume and tone controls, and a Maestro Long vibrola tailpiece.

New Drum Article from Neil

Over at Drum Workshop's site, there's an article (first in a series) about Neil's new drums. This one focuses on his new 23" bass drum.

"Everybody knows there is no such thing as a 23-inch bass drum."

Alex Lifeson ES-355 VOS Gibson Guitar

From the Winter NAMM 2008 show:

Throughout most of Alex Lifeson's ride to superstardom with the super group Rush, a 1976 Gibson ES-355 had been by his side, both in the studio and on stage. With it, he had created many of Rush's breathtaking layered soundscapes, and the very same ES-355 continues to be an indispensable part of his live arsenal. The Gibson Custom Shop Alex Lifeson Signature ES -355 guitar is a recreation of this iconic instrument and a tribute for a true modern master, and guitar he used to expand the definition of popular music.

No more information at this point.

Alex's Guitar Rig

Nice video from Guitarist magazine detailing Alex's guitar rig and some of his guitars from the Snakes and Arrows tour:

GH3 Geddy Lee Bass

A guy's made a Geddy Lee Jazz Bass out of Lego and uses it as a Guitar Hero 3 controller. Photos are here.

New Guitars for Alex: Garrisons

Alex is playing Garrison guitars on Snakes and Arrows, according to the quote on this page (scroll down about two-thirds of the page. More information is available in their News section here. I guess the Epiphones are a thing of the past.


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