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USA Today interviews Geddy

There's a brief interview with Geddy on USAToday.com today. There's Grammy talk, a bit about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the fan base.

Interview with Alex Lifeson

There's a newer interview with Alex over at Modern Guitars. Lots of talk about the Snakes & Arrows Live DVD, some Retrospective II info, Vapor Trails remixing, and so forth. Interesting tidbit:

Alex: You know, it's funny that you mention that. I was up at my studio...I'm upgrading and changing my control room around a little bit. Rich and I have sort of "moved in together" in there. And I was cleaning up the back room...I've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff over the years...and I just found a case that was way up on the top shelf, and at the bottom of this box were a bunch of reel-to-reel, unlisted, unmarked, recordings...and I can only imagine that they're pre-'74. So, they would probably be from between '70 and '73...recordings from that period. So, they would probably have songs like "Run Willie Run," and "Slaughterhouse," and "Garden Road," and all of those early songs that we wrote and played during our bar days.

Skip: Oh, wow. I've got to tell you that I think the fans would eat that up, even if it was just something put out via the web site, in digital form, as an "official bootleg series" or something.

Alex: Yeah, I'll see what sort of shape they're in. I know a couple of the reels were...you know those small reels, and I've got to think that even spooling them might be a problem, never mind me playing them. Anyway, I just discovered them, so who knows? There may be something in the near future.

The whole interview is nice and long and worth reading.


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