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Alex & Crawdaddy!

There's a decent recent interview with Alex Lifeson over at Crawdaddy! today.

Not much new sadly. Here are some highlights.

On picking new songs to play:

We wanted to play the whole record live, but we had to settle for nine songs, otherwise we'd be playing for four hours and that's a little too much for us and, I think, for our audience. We had to make a decision about some of the songs we wanted to do. We all really wanted to do "Faithless", and we talked about actually doing it on the last half of the tour. We prepped it and we ran through it a couple of times, but in the end we just decided to kind of stick with what we had and just change up some of the older stuff.

On Rush being an influential group:

I think that younger bands look at us as perhaps a model that, you know what, you can do it your way. You can play the music that you want to play. You can find your audience, you can grow and not get stuck in all the things that, you know, people used to get stuck in. Now, granted, things have changed so much in the last five to 10 years in the industry, and things don't happen the way they used to happen...

Snakes & Arrows DVD clip

Someone's uploaded a bit of VH! Classic's Rush Hashana from the other day and included the Fary Cry video from the upcoming DVD:

Looking good. Release date is November 25.

Please stand by

Sorry for the delays...we'll be back to posting soon.


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