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Rush 2007 Tour in the Top 25

According to this article at Billboard (PDF), Rush's Snakes & Arrows tour made the top 25 tours of 2007, coming in at number 25. Over $29 million in gross, more than 500,000 tickets sold for 48 dates.

New Tour for 2008!

Just announced: Rush to dextend Snakes & Arrows tour in 2008 (warning: resized window).

More info:

"The band will begin rehearsals in March to revamp the set list before kicking off the tour with their first ever appearance in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April."

"2008 will see Rush tour in over 40 cities throughout the United States and Canada making stops in many where they haven’t performed in well over a decade including: Orlando, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Austin, Jacksonville and Winnipeg to name a few. Along the way, Rush will play new venues in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Seattle and will revisit some familiar ones in Boston, Washington and Charlotte amongst others. Rush fans can look forward to a complete tour announcement in mid January."

New Venue in Chicago? The Sears Center? Rats, that's far away.

New Neil Peart News

Almost forgot to post this...Neil's updated his news page with new info about the European leg of the Snakes & Arrows tour and added some photos as well.

Grammy Nomination

Malignant Narcissism has been nominated for a Grammy award. Scroll down to Category 19 to see the competition.


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