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Rush is a Band Blog has a transcription of the recent Neil Peart Rhythm Magazine interview. Not much new here, other than a little insight on the recording process.

Alex Interview about New Album

The whole (13 minute!) recent Alex radio interview can be heard online here. Click on Rock Interviews on the right-hand side. Lots of good tidbits here:

  • New album took a month to record (which is pretty unusual for Rush)

  • Videotaped parts of the project, hope to incorporate everything into a full package

  • Album release in late April-early May, tour beginning in June

  • No interest in being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

New Album Rumors and Such

Been meaning to post on this for a several days now.

According to a recent interview with the producer, Nick Raskulinecz, the new album's supposed to be quite good. The interesting quote: “the sound and vibe of an old Rush record”.

There's a rumor of a title, which I'm highly skeptical about.The new album is rumored to be called either Snakes and Arrows or Snakes and Ladders. I don't recall when a new Rush album title was ever correct. Long-time fans will recall Critical Mass as the rumored title for Counterparts, if I remember things right.

New album is said to be released in April/May at this point, with a probable tour. Also rumored is studio footage was shot for a DVD, which doesn't sounds like them at all. Oh well, time will tell.

Alex and Blue Nun

I was surprised to get an e-mail about this: There's an interview with Alex at Wine Spectator. I always thought Geddy was the wine guy in the bad.

You'll have to register to see the whole article. Rushisaband.com has also posted the whole thing.

New Neil Book Club

There's a new Neil's Pick for Quality Reading on his site as of the other day. Seven books reviewed. I've always wanted to pick up a copy of John McPhee's Uncommon Carriers.


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