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Neil Peart Sirius Interview

According to the great Rush is a Band Blog, Neil Peart's recent interview on Sirius is available in several places online for download. Not a bad interview, didn't expect Mark Goodman of MTV fame to interview Neil.

New Album News at Billboard

There are excerpts from a brief interview with Neil at today. Eight songs have been written. Tracks have been described as "remarkably organic". They'll be back in the studio next month and will begin recording in November.

One excerpt:

"You try to put your own way of seeing the world into some kind of congruence with other peoples, and that's difficult for me," he admits. "I mean, I see the world in what I think to be a perfectly obvious and rational way, but when you go out into it and see the way other people think and behave, and express themselves on church signs, you realize, 'Well, I'm not really part of this club.'"


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