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Rush News at Neilpeart.net

Neil's posted a huge update on his site.

Long story short, eight songs have been sketched out, he's playing on several tracks on the next Vertical Horizon album, he's got yet another new drum kit for recording (several nice photos too), and Rush is getting back together in September.

Read the whole update for yourself.

Rush Replay website Bonus Features Updated

As of a couple of days ago, three new radio shows were added to the official Replay site: "Feedback" Off The Record, "Hemispheres" Radio Special, and "Signals" Innerview.

Drop by the Replay Bonus Features page and give them a listen when you've got some time.

Excerpts from Roadshow

There's a large bunch of excerpts from Neil Peart's upcoming book, Roadshow: Landscape with Drums, A Concert Tour by Motorcycle, over on his official site.

PS: You can preorder Roadshow from Amazon via this link and it'll support Red Blogchetta with a tiny Amazon commission. Thanks!

Alex's Ontario Golf Magazine Interview

The Rush is a Band Blog has excerpts from a recent interview with Alex about his golfing habits and random bits about the band and touring. Worth a read.

Rush Replay X 3 Contest

Yet another new contest at the Rush Backstage Club site: Win a Replay X 3 Poster Pack. The winner will be announced July 1, 2006.

Rush Replay website Bonus Features

I've mentioned this section of the site before, and since then, they've improved it. Now when you click on the radio shows banner near the bottom of the page, it'll open up and you can chose to listen to three old radio shows: the 1982 Exit...Stage Left show, the 1984 Grace Under Pressure show, and the 1988 Off the Record for A Show of Hands.

Rush Replay Bonus Features

I haven't heard of any bonus features on the Replay DVDs as of yet, nor heard any speculation about easter eggs. I hope there's at least a couple of them since every other Rush DVD seems to have had a handful. I'll post them when I find out about them.

Best Buy's Replay x 3 Deal

Best Buy's got a special deal available for the new Replay x 3 DVD set. They're throwing in an extra CD with live versions of Limelight, Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio, and Closer to the Heart. Free ground shipping is also included.

If you haven't preordered, you might want to take them up on this deal.

Alex's Epiphone Acoustic

There's a lengthy interview with Alex Lifeson over at Epiphone's site regarding the Masterbuilt model he's been playing. I played one (poorly) recently at a local guitar place and it sure seemed like a pretty good guitar for the price ($649 @ Musician's Friend).

Rush Replay Bonus

I was poking around the Rush Replay site mentioned in the previous post and discovered a link to a neat treat. Go to the Bonus Features page and click on the Exit ... Stage Left 1982 Radio Special banner. It'll start streaming the 1982 radio show of the same name. The show contains music & interview stuff about the history of the band from Alex & Geddyfrom what I heard. Sadly, there are no controls to pause the damn thing.

New Rush Contests

Spotted two new Rush contests today:

Rush Backstage Club: Win an Autographed T4E 8x10


Rush Replay x 3: Portable DVD Player, misc Rush shirts and stuff.

Of course, I've entered both.

Rush Replay X 3 Deal

Eleven days until release....FYE.com has a rebate deal going on for orders for the Replay DVD set: $20.99. There are also two screen savers that you can download, although they didn't work for me. I'm really looking forward to these DVDs coming out, even thought I've got them all on VHS somewhere. I wish there would have been some extra footage, though.

Paragon Cymbals

Been spending your hard-earned dollars on creating your own copy of Neil's current kit? Why not pick up a whole set of Sabian Paragon cymbals, the ones that Neil help develop? A whole set can be yours for just $2112!

Set contains the following:

  • 2 - 16" crashes

  • 18" and 20" crashes

  • One 8" and 2 - 10" splashes

  • 22" ride

  • 19" and 20" Chinas

  • 13" and 14" hi-hats

  • ATA-style flight case

  • Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVD

  • Rush R-30 world tour concert DVD (signed by Neil Peart)

  • Letter of authenticity

Welcome to Red Blogchetta

Red Blogchetta (yes, an extremely lame name, I know, I know) is a new weblog I've created to track news about the band Rush. I'll cover links to sites of interest to fans of the band and also track information about their upcoming studio album.


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